About Us

Exciting Projects

Since its inception, Intermodalics’ journey has been an amazing trip in a varied landscape. We’re solving problems for high-end industries worldwide and for small businesses in our vicinity. Yet both are depending on extremely reliable software for robotic solutions. Numerous technologies are part of these solutions: 3D vision and reconstruction, 3D robot simulation and collision checking, real-time robot control, machine learning, fieldbus deployment or large scale communication networks. Solving today’s robotic challenges requires a creative and multi-disciplinary approach. This is exactly what we love in a project.

Satisfied Customers

We work in a project oriented way with our customers. Delivering a successful project to a satisfied customer is our primary objective when executing your project. We actively gather your requirements, we prototype and design a solution and transform the design in a reliable product. Regular progress meetings keep you in the loop. Our project-oriented approach allows us to deliver at fixed prices and with a guaranteed result.

Experienced Engineers

Intermodalics employs competent specialists in robotics and mathematical software development. Our multidisciplinary team is qualified for 2D and 3D machine vision, artificial intelligence, robot software and product design. Intermodalics started as a team robotics engineers of robotics lab of the KU Leuven. Along the way we have become part of a much larger network of suppliers and key people on which we can count to lift our projects to a higher level.
Peter Soetens
Founder and Managing Director
Lifelong software developer, into robotics since 2001.

Ruben Smits
Founder and Chief Technical Officer
Solves any robotic software puzzle, expert in kinematics
and many other things.

Bert Willaert
Partner and Senior Roboticist
Manipulation, haptic controllers and 3D vision.
He feels when something is wrong with a robot.

Dominick Vanthienen
Senior Roboticist
Motion planning, constraint based control, software architectures
Leads your robot to the right spot.

Joris Noreillie
Keeping an eye on our growth, adding fuel where necessary

Johannes Meyer
Senior Roboticist
Drones, 3D mapping and rescue robotics.
For every robotic problem, he knows a way out.

Marieke Copejans
Kinematics, control theory and indoor positioning and navigation
On her way to make a dent in the robotic universe.

Perrine Aguiar
Compliant robots, kinematics and
Flexible enough to deal with any robotic challenge.

Malte Ahl
Navigation, 3D vision and software design.
Eager to navigate his way up in the field of robotics.

Viktor Kunovski
Roboticist and Web designer
Web design and user experience.
Knows how to control robots via the web.

Wannes Van Loock
Senior Roboticist
Path planning and optimal control.
If it can be optimized, he will do it.

Adolfo Rodriguez Tsouroukdissian
Senior Roboticist
Humanoids, service robots and software design.
Preferably controls a whole body and not just a link.

Hans-Joachim Krauch
A robot and software design enthousiast.
Only satisfied when the real life test is successful.

Nikolaos Tsiogkas
Senior Roboticist
Software for flying, diving and space robots

Kevin De Martelaere
Senior Roboticist
Software for robot and motion control.

Luca Magnabosco
Ethercat, motion control and real-time systems specialist

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