We're Hiring !

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We have multiple open positions for:
  • Mechanical/Software Engineers eager to work on robotics and Augmented Reality.
We are looking for both junior and senior levels. Scroll down for all details !
Location for all positions: With our team in our offices in Leuven, Belgium.

Love What You Do

At Intermodalics, we believe that you should enjoy what you do. For us, work is about having fun, being challenged, and finding balance. We define our success based on both the quality of the work we deliver, and the quality of the lives we lead. Both are important tenants of our organization.

When you work at Intermodalics, you will help solve problems on the edge of what is possible. You will have time to take space from difficult problems, to mull things over in the shower, and to think deeply about your work. We focus on making the right decisions and on the quality of our products. We believe that a balanced lifestyle is a key component to consistently achieve both over the long term.

Work Environment

We’re trying to create a work environment that also aligns with the way we think life should be lived. To do this, we focus on a few things.

  • We bootstrapped the company so we have no investors to answer to. This means we have full control over our direction.
  • We built a team of wonderful, smart people who we enjoy working with.
  • We select products that we believe in, and problems to work on that we find interesting from a technical perspective. We have enough demand for our services to be selective in the work we take.
  • We believe in work life balance and have policies that reflect this.

Our values

Flexibility Learning Open Communication Working Together
FLOW defines who we are, what we do and how we communicate among us and to our customers, even in the most challenging circumstances

Who We're Looking For

At Intermodalics, we’re always looking to add talented individuals to our team. If you’re looking to join a small team of passionate engineers, looking for a fun, engaging, and technically challenging environment, Intermodalics is the place for you. On our side, we look for :

Roboticist Jr/Sr

Apply for this position if you :

  • Share our passion for the interdisciplinary engineering challenges involved with robotics today.
  • Are a C++/Python programmer comfortable working in a Linux environment.
  • Have the ability to come up to speed in new areas quickly.
  • Are comfortable joining in on a passionate technical discussion, love working in teams, and are fun to be around.
  • Have a master degree in Engineering or a PhD in Robotics.

Office Assistant

A job with lots of variation and collaboration with colleagues:

  • You make sure our administration is top-notch
  • You receive our visitors and help us plan our work abroad
  • You help out organising our ever-growing office
  • You assist in shipping/receiving stuff
  • You speak fluently Dutch and English. French/German is a plus.

See at VDAB.

Android / Augmented Reality Developer

Apply for this position if you :

  • Want to create the coolest AR apps on Android
  • Are a C++ or Java programmer comfortable working in a Linux environment.
  • Want to learn and program in the brand new Tango platform for AR
  • Are comfortable joining in on a passionate technical discussion, love working in teams, and are fun to be around.

How to Apply

Intermodalics is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to the principles of workplace diversity. Application Materials:
  • Motivational cover letter
  • Resume/CV
Software Developers also send :
  • A statement of past experiences (inside/outside robotics).
  • We really appreciate a link to a Github repository (or similar) to which you contributed (may be a personal or public project).
And send it to : !

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