Pick-it™, Robot vision for binpicking bottles with FANUC

Pick-it™ is the robot vision solution that guides your robot to see and pick a wide range of products from belts, pallets or bins. Our unique 3D vision camera application automatically defines the exact 3D position, orientation and dimensions of the products you want to be picked.

The advantages for you are flexibility, easy set-up and the fastest payback in the robot machine vision industry. Pick-it™ makes it easy to pick products with no need for teaching the product dimensions and no need for having a CAD model. Pick-it™ also finds deformable, wet or varying products and keeps working even in changing and poor light conditions. Ideal for small batches and fast change-overs.

Our intuitive graphical user interface is designed for easy programming on the workfloor. Complex 3D picking challenges can be calibrated and set-up in 5 minutes without the need for robotic programming. The Pick-it™ robot vision system already integrates standard with UR, ABB, Staubli and Fanuc, and more robot drivers will be added soon.

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