Robot Software Development

Intermodalics delivers excellent service and know-how to robotics software projects world-wide.

Robotics Software

Intermodalics creates software for Robots.

We're a young team of engineers that could convince many companies and organisations world-wide of making industry-grade reliable robotic systems. We create software for autonomous drones, 2D/3D perception and autonomous navigation and manipulation.

Autonomous Motion Control

We support our customers in developing or adding technologies such as:

  • Online robotics motion (re-)planning for any number of axes,
  • Force control during manipulation,
  • Collision avoidance,
  • Autonomous systems

to their existing control architectures.

2D/3D perception

We master software technologies for:

  • Visual-inertial odometry (VIO)
  • Indoor/outdoor localisation and navigation
  • Object recognition in 2D/3D using Deep Learning and model fitting
  • 2D/3D Camera calibration (intrinsic and extrinsic)

A number of these technologies are demonstrated in our Pick-it 3D automatic picking solution.

Drone Control and Ground Stations

We master all aspects of drone software development:

  • Attitude controllers
  • Motion planning and synchronisation
  • Reliable ground-air communication over unreliable wireless networks
  • On-drone safety controllers
  • Ground station software with live telemetry visualisation

Software Engineering

With over a decade of experience in control frameworks, engineers at Intermodalics are the ideal partner for all projects that involve Open Source control software such as

  • OROCOS (Open RObot Control Software),
  • ROS (Robot Operating System),
  • KDL (Kinematics & Dynamics Library),
  • SOEM (Simple Open Ethercat Master) drivers
  • and related libraries in the robot & control ecosystem.
Neopter During summer 2014, a fleet of air drones flew simultaneously and fully autonomously from takeoff to landing on during the 'Cinéscénie' show of ‘Le Puy du Fou’ in France. Intermodalics is proud to have built the software to make this happen.
Intermodalics will support the NASA SSCO on-site and off-site with designing and upgrading their robotic technology software.
Intermodalics proves the strength of its IIC with the combined online motion control of a robot and a lifting aid with a total of 8 actuated degrees of freedom.
Intermodalics builds the first Remote Handling controller for the ITER Fusion Reactor, together with remote handling specialist Oxford Technologies (UK).
Intermodalics and its partner KU Leuven integrates 3D vision solutions and motion planning for an automatic bin-picking application with a 7 axis robot.

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