Expect to work at the edge of possible.
We are a growing high-tech company and a group of talented people, with knowledge and expertise in robotics.
We believe in complementarity and the talents of each unique individual.

We have a culture of Mentorship:
lots of smart people working together & helping each other grow, without ego standing in between.

Our FLOW values put people first.


Our Values : FLOW!

FLOW defines who we are, what we do and how we interact with our colleagues and customers. Especially in the most challenging circumstances.

As a young and dynamic company we need to adapt to our environment.  In a high tech environment things change continuously, we iterate and adjust. On the other hand, we as an employer, want to be flexible towards our team and contribute to a healthy work life balance. Telework is just one of the ways this is implemented.

Our team is diverse in terms of expertise and culture. As an employer we want to encourage everybody to learn from each other. We have created special FLOW-moments to enhance this knowledge transfer, such as Lightning talks and Academy sessions. Furthermore, as managers, we make it our goal to coach our team members in their personal growth.

Open Communication
Communication is the basis of interaction, of connecting with each other. Open communication means we value the input we receive from our team members. It means we trust everybody in the company to have our best interest in mind. It means we act with integrity, with honesty, with good intentions.

Working Together
A company is a group of people working towards the same goal. Working together is a crucial aspect of working within our company. We work on projects where people are teamed up. We value input from others, different perspectives, different arguments.  We value each team member his/her opinion and treat everybody with respect.



Located in Leuven, a small city in Belgium known for its universities and student life, we are at a stone's throw from Brussels. Our location is perfect to discover Europe in your free time. The majority of our employees come to work by bike or public transportation. 



Portrait Sam Biermans.jpg

“The company takes pride in making all employees feel at "home" at work. We are in full expansion and this brings dynamics and opportunities at all levels.”
Sam - Channel Account Manager


"Working at Intermodalics allowed me to improve my skills, while enjoying a friendly and respectful environment."
Ana Rita - Application support engineer

Portrait Rob Mertens.jpg

"My position is a mix of technical and commercial responsibilities which makes my job interesting and challenging. I love the variety and opportunities I get to learn while doing.”
Rob - Application Support engineer